Walter Macken Launches Again. This Time, We’re Here to Stay

May 11, 2019 | By john | Filed in: Uncategorized.

We know that it has been a while since our website went down, and you deserve an explanation. But not so quick. All in good time.

First, John and Walter are back from a much needed vacation and they are ready to get this website off the ground once again. That is a huge vote of confidence because when they say they’re doing something, you believe that it’s going to happen no matter what.

Lastly, we web developers are working behind the scenes to make the website look good. So don’t worry, this is not the final version of the website. It’ll look much better than this.

But yes, we are finally back and this time, we’re here to stay. We’re not going anywhere and neither are you. We’re in this together. Let’s make the best of the opportunity we’ve got.